My name is Margot Lowenstein Simmons and I was born to mother...much to the chagrin of my younger sister, and if I had known what a doula was when I was growing up in Washington, DC, my life would have looked a lot different.

But, I didn't. So, after graduating the University of Pennsylvania and getting a master's degree in early childhood education (birth to kindergarten), I pursued a career in education, marketing and design. Then, after a two and a half year battle to conceive, I got pregnant and had my first child...five weeks early!

Reasonably unflustered (psych...I was a mess) and somewhat confident going into motherhood, I realized I needed support immediately. While I was deeply grateful for the sage support of my parents, even they realized they hadn't been parents to a newborn in 30-something years. So, my husband and I hired a postpartum doula - and my life was forever changed because after the birth of my second child, I knew my true calling was to not only mother my own children but to support other parents as they made the transition into the crazy, anxiety-ridden world of parenthood. 

Today, I am working to redefine the scope of doula. I am a trained postpartum doula, a certified breastfeeding counselor and a Sleep Savvy Gentle Sleep Coach. I bring my own personal humor and joy for family to my work. My background in early childhood development, along with my own unique birth, postpartum and toddler-raising experiences help me support a wide variety of families as they tackle the often-unplanned for aftermath of bringing baby home and raising young kids. I provide truly nonjudgemental support and specialize in offering practical tips and tricks, coaching to ensure a happy, relaxed family unit,  transitioning to and from work, as well as the special experience of having toddlers!  Because - I think we could all use a little less judgement and little more doula. 

When I'm not being a doula, I am a marketing and design consultant to other birth workers, and of course, being "mama" to my children Graham and Whitney and wife to my husband, Jon.