So much of preparing for bringing home a baby is thinking ahead about what it will be like. All my classes are designed for you to take prenatally and to get you in the right mindset through fun and often funny hands-on activities - after all - bringing a baby into your life, while hard, is also fun! 

I am currently offer a variety of classes including:

  • Newborn Care
  • From Birth to Baby: Childbirth Education + Newborn Care
  • Infant/Child CPR and Choking
  • Feeding Your Baby
  • Dudes to Dads: Newborn Care Essentials for Dads
  • Back to Work: 101

Newborn Care



Jump out ahead of the curve by getting answers to some of your most pressing newborn baby questions. We cover everything from the first hours after delivery to growing through the 4th trimester and all the goodies in between like recovery, feeding, bathing, babywearing, diapering and more!


From Birth to Baby



Looking for the CliffsNotes version of childbirth education and newborn care? This class covers everything you need to know about normal, healthy birth AND normal, healthy newborn care all in one. This class is taught in partnership with a hospital-based midwife. 





Taught along the American Heart Association's guidelines, this hands-on class covers infant and toddler CPR and choking safety measures. It's ideal for anyone (parents, grandparents, caregivers) who wants or needs to learn lifesaving rescue skills.


Feeding 101



So you've heard the horror stories? This class is designed to prepare you for your personal feeding circumstances - whether breast or bottle or some combination of both. We cover things like how to maximize your supply, knowing how much your baby needs, how to latch the baby properly, avoiding sore nipples, what kinds of formula you might want to use, what bottles to buy, pumping and storing breastmilk and much more!


Dudes to Dads


Taught by me through Pre-Conceive, this is a group class especially for the guys. In it, dads and dads-to-be will learn all the basics of newborn care, from learning baby's cues, to help with bathing, diapering, and sleeping...and drink beer. 


Back to Work


Taught by me through Baby Caravan, this class is for moms transitioning back to work from maternity leave. In a small group setting, it covers vital topics to help ease this transition such as: partnering with a partner (or creating your village for single moms), pumping, time management, choosing childcare and what to wear.


All classes unless otherwise noted are taught on a private, one-on-one basis and tailored to your circumstances. Prices are for one couple. If you wish to combine with other couples, this can be arranged and discounts will be applied. While I teach Dudes to Dads and Back-to-Work classes - they are subject to the terms set forth by their respective owners.