Prenatal Services

Thinking about all the things you need to accomplish before baby comes can be overwhelming. But there are things you can do to plan. Whether you need help with a baby shower, setting up your registry or just looking for someone whose brain you can pick as your pregnancy progresses, I can help instill you with a sense of calm and confidence as you approach bring your baby home.

Prenatal services can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Support in developing your ideal birth plan
  • Help building a registry
  • Assistance with the design, set up and organization the nursery
  • Preparation of freezer meals for parents and older children
  • Consulting with you on how to prepare older children for the new baby
  • Identification of resources to address your labor, delivery and postpartum concerns
  • Referrals to exceptional other birth professionals, such as birth doulas, lactation consultants, chiropractors, certified massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, birth photographers, etc.
  • Connections to reputable birth preparation classes
  • Development of a postpartum plan
  • Support in creating your network  

 All prenatal packages include telephone/email/text support from contract signing through delivery. Prenatal consults are billed at $50/hour. Prenatal hours can be combined with postpartum packages at a discounted rate.