Mama Mentoring: Toddler

Whether you're worried about your milk supply tanking, thinking about the dreaded potty situation, or panicking about whether to send your babe to kindergarten now or in a year - just like when your child was bitty, having a mama mentor to reach out to with a quick question here and there can help you find your confidence in your parenting choices. 

The Mama Mentoring: Toddler session is designed to give you peace of mind by answering every question you can come up with in a 3-hour consult (and two weeks of text and email support after that) including but not limited to:

  • What should I do about separation anxiety?
  • My kid is slow to {fill in the blank}. Should I be worried?
  • How do I stop the whining?!?!?
  • Why won't he say "yes" instead of "no?"
  • How do I stop her from hitting all her friends?
  • Do I have enough milk now that he's on solids?
  • Why is she screaming her head off and what do I do?
  • How do I know if it's time for potty training?
  • He's lining up toys - is that a bad thing?
  • Can my kid survive on nothing but pasta?

Is this normal? What do I do???

All Mama Mentoring: Toddler sessions include telephone/email/text support for up to 2 weeks after our consultation. Each session is billed at $250 per session.